Graphic Design


Surface Design by Lee Meredith

I love designing patterns for fabric and other things! Here are some samples I've made below. I am available for hire designing patterns or other surface designs, and I love working both with paper and Illustrator. Have an idea for something you want? Let's work together!

This collection is available on fabric at Spoonflower, and also on things at Redbubble. All the patterns were drawn on paper with pen, turned into seamless repeating patterns in Photoshop, repeated into larger tiles, and then colored in with pops of color, all in the same palette.

This collection features geometric patterns with hand-drawn circles or dots. It has not been used on anything, and is available for licensing.

This collection of mushroom-themed vector patterns has not been used on anything, and is available for licensing. Colors and details can all be adjusted!

This is the beginning of a collection of letter patterns, with the intent to someday do all 26 letters. This first set were used in a portfolio project for a fake beer branding theme, and the k pattern is offered on fabric at Spoonflower (on a yellow background), but besides that they have not been available and could be licensed (along with the entire alphabet potentially). For now these are just pen on a white background, but I envision them on a subtle watercolored background, or some kind of texture...

These ribbon vector patterns were used in a portfolio project for branding the country of Norway. The ribbons were drawn with vectors and turned into brushes, and the repeated brush lines can be used as repeating patterns as well. Besides the portfolio project, the designs have not been used on anything, and are available for licensing.