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Lee Meredith! Graphic Designer for Hire

Hi, I'm Lee, a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon! I have a bachelor's degree in visual arts from many years ago, and a fresh new degree in graphic design, having graduated with honors in 2018. I'm proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop; I have a background in designing knitting patterns and doing other assorted freelance work like photography, production, tutorial writing, project designing, and teaching. I'm now embarking on my new career in graphic design and would love to design something for you!

Generally, if you're interested in working together, email me -- -- with your project details, and I will let you know an estimate, based on the approximate amount of time it will take me. Below are details for specifically pattern layout design, but I'm also available for other things like flyers, business cards, menus, brochures, postcards, album covers, posters...

I have experience designing all kinds of things as a student, from books to packaging to brand identity and more. Outside of school, I have designed event flyers, knitting patterns, logos, and political campaign palm cards and postcards, for other people, as well as books, business cards, postcards, and other items for my own business. I'd be happy and excited to take on any graphic design job you need done!

Knitting pattern pdf layout design!

Option 1: I create a template that I can use on all future patterns.

Base fee for designing the template: $40
Base fee for each pattern created using the template: $6 per pdf page

Option 2: no template, just a stand-alone pattern pdf.

Base fee: $10 per pdf page
(Minimum of 2 pages; if you have a 1-page pattern, that's $18 base fee.)

Extra costs:

Photo editing -- $2 per photo for basic edits (like color, contrast).
(More if you need serious photoshopping done, like removing elements from the background, for example.)

Custom typography / hand lettering -- I'll give you an estimate based on what you want. A hand lettered pattern title for the cover would be around $10-50 depending on complexity. If you want several heading words hand lettered, then the cost would be around $3-8 each. If you'd just like a font to be slightly customized in some way, let me know what kind of thing you're thinking and I'll give you an estimate. (This would be the same whether it's for a template or an individual pattern; if I do custom type stuff for section headings or other elements that can be used in multiple patterns, I can do it for the template and then it'll be included in all future patterns.) And keep in mind, there are lots of good fonts that look handwritten, so if that's all you want, let me know and if I'm just using a font then there's no extra fee!

Schematics -- if you give me a hand-drawn schematic as a reference, I can create a digitally illustrated schematic for your pattern; price varies $8-20 per, depending on complexity.

Charts -- I'd prefer to be given charts to plug into patterns, but if you'd like me to make a chart, let me know the details and I'll give you an estimate. I have no official chart-making software, so my abilities are somewhat limited.

Illustrations -- I can create illustrations for your pattern, hand-drawn or digital; let me know what you're thinking and I'll give an estimate.

Photography -- If you send me your finished item, I can photograph it lying flat for your pattern. This would be $10-20 per photo, depending on details (mainly size of item) plus you pay shipping. I won't do modeled beauty shots.

If a pattern has clearly not been copy edited, I will give notes on edits and add $2-10 per page with significant text, depending on how much editing is needed. I don't do tech editing, and I am not a professional copy editor, so having your pattern tech/copy edited before it goes to me is recommended!

Other things:

If you'd like me to create a pattern template for you to use for future patterns (instead of for me to use), then that's a third option, and the fee will depend on details, likely around $50-60. I prefer to make a template for Adobe InDesign, but if all you have is iWork Pages or Microsoft Word, I can make more simple templates with those. I'll need to stick to only fonts you have, or you'll need to buy any custom fonts you want used. The template will include a cover design, and all the pattern sections; the template itself will probably be 3 to 5 pages, depending on your pattern complexity, but any length pattern (2 pages or more) can be inserted into the adjustable template.

If you're working on something larger than a single pattern, like an ebook of multiple patterns, the pricing structure will probably be different, less per page, so let me know the details and I'll give you an estimate.

If you'd just like some custom lettering, schematics, or illustrations done for you to insert into your own patterns, I'm up for that as well, just tell me the details and I'll quote you a price.

Nothing here is set in stone; if you're on a tight budget and your pattern isn't too complex and has been thoroughly edited, then I can see about doing a job quicker and cheaper. On the other hand, if the pattern you give me needs a lot of massaging and will take me longer than average, then I may need to quote you a higher price.

I prefer knitting patterns because I am familiar with them, as a knit designer, but I'm willing to lay out crochet or other patterns/pdfs as long as they are thoroughly edited beforehand, since I am not familiar enough to be able to edit them. I cannot do crochet charts or schematics, unless it's very clearly hand drawn so I'm just tracing/copying.

How to hire me:

  • Send an email to letting me know what you're interested in, with your pattern text either pasted into the email body, or attached as a text (.doc, iWork pages, or .rtf) file, if applicable. Send pattern photos using a google docs or dropbox folder, shared to the same email.
  • For a pattern, let me know how many pages you would like the pattern to be (be realistic; if I can't fit the content into the desired pages, I will let you know before starting), and any notes, like if you want the photos to be edited, or if you have any layout preferences, or want anything extra, like hand lettering, etc.
  • Also tell me how you'd like the cover -- just the title and photo(s), or some pattern info included -- and let me know where you'd like the photos distributed (on pattern pages, or all on one page, etc).
  • Tell me if you have a deadline date, or any other extra details.
  • I will get back to you to approve the job, ask any questions I need to know, and give you a timeline, and we'll move forward from there!

Some knitting pattern pdf samples (the same pattern designed three ways):