Graphic Design


Lee Meredith! Graphic Designer

Hi, I'm Lee, a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. I have a background in designing knitting patterns (also in photography and art) and I'm now working as a full time in-house graphic designer for a yarn company.

I'm mostly no longer taking freelance jobs, but I might be interested in something small and/or really fun or exciting! Specific areas of interest include non-profit, social justice, publishing, music, and surface design. I might be available for things like flyers, menus, postcards, album covers, posters, illustrations, book covers...

If you're interested in working together on something I can squeeze in on the weekend that you think I'd be a great fit for, email me -- -- with your project details, and I will let you know if I'm able to do it, and an estimate, based on the approximate amount of time it will take.

I have experience designing all kinds of things as a student, from books to packaging to brand identity and more (check out my portfolio!). Outside of school, I've designed a full book interior, many event flyers, lots of knitting patterns, a few logos, some ads, and several political campaign materials, for other people (see below), as well as books, business cards, postcards, and other items for my own business. For my job, I do in-house digital design, mostly website and email graphics, plus some print layout design, and some other design work like yarn color development.

Freelance work (some volunteer, most paid) that I've done includes: